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Smartklear Cleaner - Green

Smartklear Cleaner Green

Smartklear Cleaner - Green


iPhone & Smartphone All-in-one Screen Cleaner

With NEW invisible CARBON CLEANING compound

  • Safe for all smartphone screens
  • Anti-bacterial
  • No liquids, cloths, or tissues
  • Long life - replaceable cleaning pads

Instructions for use

  • Slide the cap to release the Smartklear Cleaning Pad
  • Clean away any fingerprints on the screen using the Cleaning Pad
  • If some smudges persist, breathe gently on the area to be cleaned, and repeat the process
  • Slide the Cap over the Cleaning Pad to close
  • When required (after about 300+ cleanings), replace the Cleaning Pad by pressing the Release Lock, then twist the old Cleaning Pad out and twist the new Cleaning Pad in


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