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TV1 News item interviewing Peter Dick 29/9/16. Electronic devices putting children's eyes at risk



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Eye Testing

The eyes are our windows to the world; in fact almost 80 percent of all the sensory information our brain receives comes from our eyes, so it stands to reason that looking after our eyes is important throughout our lifetime.

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Prescription Glasses

Vision is our most valued sense and we have the best technology and designs available for it. Discount lenses may not give you your best possible vision; they can scratch, smudge, and are difficult to clean.

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Contact Lenses

To become a successful contact lens wearer you first need to have an eye examination. The health of your eyes will be assessed and the most appropriate contact lens design will be determined.

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Four Generations

For over 100 years the name Peter Dick has been synonymous with both Otago and Optometry.

There have been four generations of Peter Dick Optometrists, and there are even some patients who have seen them all.

Technology has come a long way since the first generation of Peter Dicks started to practice Optometry. At Visique Peter Dick Optometrists you will find the latest technology intertwined with a dedication to customer service.

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