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Eyecare Information

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October 2023

Eyecare Information

Eye care through your lifetime

The eyes are our windows to the world; in fact almost 80 percent of all the sensory information our brain receives comes from our eyes. So it stands to reason that looking after the health of our eyes is important throughout our lifetime.

Maintaining the best possible vision should begin when we are young. Good vision is vital for children as 80 percent of their learning is done visually. However up to 20 percent of children may have blurry vision that can be easily corrected by glasses or contacts and this poor vision impacts on their performance both in school and in other activities like sports. Myopia control Information

As we get older many aspects of our vision change, so a regular eye test with a professional optometrist remains just as important. Clear vision is essential for many activities, from driving to reading or working at a computer. Over the age of 40 our ability to focus on objects close up gradually deteriorates. This is called Presbyopia. 


Later in life we are also more at risk of eye conditions like Dry eye and Cataract. Eye diseases such as Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration can also come on with no obvious symptoms in the early stages that can lead to serious and permanent vision impairment. Click here for information on the dangers of blue light

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Do you need glasses?

If you answer yes to any of these questions below, you should book yourself in for an eye test at Visique Peter Dick Optometrists. While these symptoms are not necessarily specific only to eye problems or vision correction there are many issues that can occur with your eyes that may cause these symptoms.

- Do you get headaches, nausea or dizziness after near tasks such as computer use or reading or after driving?
- Do you get blurred or double vision at any time?
- Do you ever get crossed or turned eyes?
- Do you blink or rub your eyes after visual concentration?
- Do you dislike or avoid any close work, such as reading or sewing?
- Do you suffer from a short attention span?
- Do you often place your head close to a book when reading or writing?
- Do you often frown while looking at the TV or whiteboard?
- Do you have difficulty reading small print?
- Do you have difficulty adjusting focus between near and far objects?
- Do you feel uncomfortable or avoid driving at night?
- Do you have difficulty seeing road signs or TV?
- Are you sensitive to the glare?
- Do you have a family history of any eye disease?
- Do you get sore or red eyes?

Or if you answer no to either of the following, you should also book an eye test:

- Have you visited an optometrist for an eye test in the last 2 years?
- Have you visited an optometrist for your annual contact lens review?

To schedule an appointment and take the Welcome questionnaire visit the Appointment Page.

Introducing  Blephasteam Eyelid therapy for Dry Eye

Blephasteam eyelid therapy is now available for those with Melbonian Gland Dysfunction (irritated eyelids). This involves wearing goggles that heat the front of the eye to 42 degrees celcius with a steam. The melted oil in the  glands can then be cleared easily. The procedure in our rooms  takes 10-20 minutes and the heat melts all the oil stuck in the eyelid glands giving relief. People who have burning gritty red eyes especially upon waking can benefit. Please ask for more details.

Optimel Dry Eye drops are available as well.

Macular Degeneration

1 in 7 people will get Macular Degeneration. 40% of people don't know what it is.

Click here for more information News Hub Video






Glaucoma, the silent thief of sight

For people over 40 years old 1 in 40 will get glaucoma and for those over 70 it is 1 in 10. 30% of people don't know what It is. Only an Eye Examination can detect Glaucoma and prevent vision loss. Glaucoma can have no obvious symptoms in its early stages. In 2018 Peter became a Board Approved Optometrist Glaucoma Prescriber. This allows Peter to treat and manage Glaucoma independently.

Click here for more information Glaucoma NZ











One of the latest Topcon OCT Analysers

With a single touch of the pupil on the capture screen, the Topcon OCT automatically scans the left and right eye, and produces simultaneously an OCT scan and a true colour fundus image. The auto alignment, the auto focus and auto shoot ensure that the whole process is done fast and correctly.

The instrument, in combination with Topcon Fastmap software offers a wide choice of analysis functions such as optic disc analysis, 3D macula analysis, 12mm 3D wide scan and others.

This state of the art combined Retinal Camera and Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) machine is based in the Dunedin rooms while in the Mosgiel rooms there is now a Kowa Retinal Camera for retinal imaging. The Topcon OCT scan is like having an X-ray or ultrasound without the risk. 

If needed, this amazing machine enables in depth analysis of your eye health, not possible with the conventional eye examination. This provides an additional test to the normal Eye Examination.

Topcon CA-800 Corneal Topogragher

This machine in our Dunedin rooms allows 3D maps of the cornea on the front of the eye. This helps with contact lens fitting and before and after laser eye surgery and provides an additional test.

It also analyses how a wave of light changes as it passes through the cornea impacting on vision quality. Finally it also allows dry eye analysis including infrared imaging of eyelid glands.