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Advanced Vision Accuracy

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December 2023

Advanced Vision Accuracy

With the introduction of a new innovative phoropter, the piece of equipment that measures your refractive error, we can now give you a prescription which is up to 25 times more accurate! This new breakthrough refraction technology with a liquid lens, makes your eye test quicker, more comfortable and more accurate.

Precise measurements lead to precise lenses. Eyesight and corrective lenses are measured in dioptres, a unit of power. For decades eyes have been measured to a quarter of a dioptre(D), you may have seen your lens prescription ends with .25D, .50D .75D or just .00D.

It’s like wearing a suit or dress that is your size category but it doesn’t quite fit to your exact measurements. Now we can make your lenses specifically to your exact prescription. No matter what your lens prescription; +2.21D, -5.32D or -11.11D, your new glasses can be made to 0.01 dioptres instead of being rounded up or down. Like a tailor-made suit, made to your exact measurements. The level of accuracy is dependent on the patients ability to detect small differences during the test.

See the world as it’s meant to be seen with no restrictions from your lenses. Every detail will be captured thanks to AVA™ technology, available with a range of Varilux® varifocals and Eyezen™ single vision lenses.

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