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Contact Lenses

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October 2023

Contact Lenses


Contact Lens Reordering.

Click here to request 3 months or 6 months supply. Just include your name.

Contact Lens Trial Offer

Try for a day for FREE* to see for yourself.

*Free trial is for the day, most suitable trial contact lenses fitted to your eyes and removed later that day. If successful then more visits will be scheduled and fee of $295 will apply. Not everyone is suitable for contact lens wear.

Remember, Contact Lenses can be worn for sport, fitness or social events only.

To schedule an appointment visit the Appointment Page.

New Full time and Half time wearer Plans

Pay a fixed amount every month. Then make contact when ready for your next contact lenses. Eye Examination in 12 months is also included. Pure Moist cleaning solution included for monthly’s. Conditions apply. (Initial fitting fees may apply for visits- $295 new wearer or $199 if re-fitting to a new lens design)


Total 1 dailies Multifocal spheres full time wear $140.75 per month

Total 1 dailies Multifocal spheres half time wear $74.08 per month

Total 1 dailies spheres full time wear $107.41 per month

Total 1 dailies spheres half time wear $57.41 per month

Optix monthly spheres full time wear $61.41 per month

Optix monthly spheres half time wear $34.41 per month


To schedule an appointment visit the Appointment Page.

To buy Contact Lenses visit the Shop

Getting Started

To become a successful contact lens wearer you first need to have an eye examination. The health of your eyes will be assessed and the most appropriate contact lens design will be determined.

Often on the same day you will be taught how to handle your trial disposable contact lenses and once you are proficient you can leave wearing them. Most people learn very quickly. You will then be booked in for a scheduled series of appointments.

Wearing contact lenses increases the risk of a sight threatening eye infection. Having well designed suitable contact lenses prescribed by us, good cleaning solution and great advice will minimize the risks. Regular visits for eye health checks is an important part of maintaining healthy eyes while wearing them.   

Most people who trial contact lenses find them much better than expected and go on to be successful wearers. Contact lenses often give improved all round vision. They can also improve your lifestyle, confidence and are ideal for sport and rainy days.

Ciba Dailies Total 1 Contact Lenses

 Did you know approximately 30% of contact lens wearers stop wearing contact lenses due to irritation from dryness?

Ciba have just released the Ciba Dailies Total 1 contact lenses. They are a revolutionary new design made differently to all other contact lenses available today. The main feature is the lens feels wet all day in the eye allowing noticably better comfort especially later in the day.

In August 2016 the Ciba Total 1 Multifocal dailies were released. These lenses are revolutionary and for the first time people over 45 years old can have great vision near and far without glasses. Peter Dick has trialed these lenses himself and the vision and comfort is vastly improved. 

Please ask for a trial when you have your eye examination.

Other Contact Lenses

Short Sighted and long-sighted patients are often suitable for the conventional disposable lens. They are soft because they contain water and when fitted correctly they usually give comfort and good vision. There are disposable lenses designed to last for different periods from just one day to three months, taken out each night. One month disposables are the most common.

Patients with significant astigmatism need to have a weighted disposable lens, thicker at the bottom so it will not rotate in the eye. They also give good comfort.

Presbyopic patients (over 45 years old) may find previous contact lenses give great distance vision but poor reading vision. We now have a new Ciba Total 1 Multifocal dailies Contact Lenses we can trial on you. Please ask for a demonstration when you have your eyes examined. This allows freedom from glasses, great for sport or going out.

Acuvue Oasys 14 day lenses now can come with the Transition changing tinting property to protect from glare. They react to UV and change from being clear to dark gray in seconds. Ask for more details

Patients wanting to change their eye colour can be fitted with the new Air Optix Colors contact lenses. There are 9 colour options to enhance your natural eye colour or completely change your eye colour. They have free plano trial lenses to trial in the Dunedin rooms. (Eye Examination fee may apply)

Remember wearing contact lenses increases the risk of eye infection so it is important you are fitted correctly, taught and have follow up visits.

 Topcon CA-800 Corneal Topographer

This machine in their Dunedin rooms allows 3D maps of the cornea on the front of the eye. This helps with contact lens fitting and before and after laser eye surgery and provides an additional test with an extra fee of $49.

It also analyses how a wave of light changes as it passes through the cornea impacting on vision quality. Finally it also allows dry eye analysis including infrared imaging of eyelid glands. 

This machine was the first one in Australasia when received and is state of the art.