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Dunedin appointment

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Dunedin appointment



Eye Exam*

*This is a voucher redeemable for a Eye Exam at the location shown for an adult, student or child. Online payment only, $99 if paid at the Eye Examination. 

A Second $49 Eye Exam voucher for a friend or family member for the same time or following appointment time can be selected and paid for together.  

Occasionally further tests with an additional fee that are not included in this online Eye Exam special may be recommended after the Eye Exam is completed. For example, Oct scan $69, Field test $59, Corneal Topography $49 and Dilation $29.

When your eyes are dilated you may find your vision brighter and more blurred. This may affect driving home and a driver may or may not be  needed.

Please visit the Appointments page to select your preferred time. Your booking will be confirmed by phone, email or text.

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