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Myopia Control

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April 2020

Myopia Control

Myopia Control

If there is a family history of myopia and myopia is increasing year on year then there is now proven options to slow the rate of progression. Myopia small or large is not desirable and carries with it an increased risk of a retinal detachment or glaucoma later in life. Even -1.00D doubles the risk of an event causing permanent loss is vision in their lifetime compared to a person who is not shortsighted. -5.00 patients have a 32 times risk compared to a person who is not shortsighted. So controlling the myopia progression in those early vital years to lower the eventual amount of myopia is important.

Myopilux Glasses

Myopilux is a new spectacle lens design that has been shown to reduce the amount of myopia progression in young children. We have combined Myopilux lenses into the “Power of Four”. So you get the Myopilux lens design, Airwear thin strong lenses, Crizal UV to block UV and Crizal Prevencia to block harmful blue light. Complete in an Easy Twist frame for $349 or in a Whizz Kids frame for $299. (Eye Exam $64) (Enable Subsidy of $287.50 available for Community Card holders.)

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Mi-Sight daily disposable contact lenses are designed specifically for myopia control and released in 2019 with scientific data that proves they work. They are designed to be worn 12 hours 6 days a week from as young as eight when myopia can start until late teens when the myopia has usually flattened off. They have been proven to produce a 59% drop in the rate of myopia progression after three years compared to children wearing standard soft dailies (CooperVision Research) 

What is MiSight™?

MiSight™ are soft daily disposable contact lenses. MiSight contact lenses are specifically designed to help slow myopia progression and allow for clear vision. The contact lenses are designed with ActivControl™ Technology to create separate zones within the contact lenses. The zones target individual aspects of the eye, specific zones correct and clear your vision and other zones optically treat and help to slow myopic eye growth.

The safest way to wear contact lenses. With soft daily disposable contact lenses there is no need for cleaning or disinfecting, which makes for easier handling - this is a big advantage for children.

A daily disposable lens can also reduce the occurrence of eye infections that can increase with contact lens wear

Visique Peter Dick Optometrists have developed a plan for monthly payments of $90 than includes all lenses needed and visits every six months to monitor. There will be a one off initial fee for an eye examination, teaching, and follow up visits at one day and one week. (Community Card holder subsidy may apply for the initial eye examination). The Treatment needs to continue as planned until the myopia development has plateaued usually in late teens.

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Low Dose 0.01% Atropine drops as an alternative to control myopia