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Dry Eyes

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July 2021

Dry Eyes

Peter and Katrina are Dry Eye Specialists. Dry Eye  has symptoms of gritty red eyes that often water. The eyelids are the main culprits in the development of Dry Eye. Each eyelid has 30 oil glands that produce oil every time you blink. In some people the oil in these glands becomes too thick and won’t flow. The tear film then becomes unstable and dry patches appear causing the Dry Eye symptoms.

To help this Peter and Katrina can provide different treatments that help the oil in the glands to flow and relieve the symptoms. This includes using Blephasteam goggles, a wheat bag, artificial tear drops, sprays, eye wipes or eye medication.

Please take the DRY EYE SURVEY. This will give a score to grade the severity of your Dry Eye. Then book in for an Eye Examination so they can help you.