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About us- 6 Generations, 5 Optometrists!

Our History

Optometrist Katrina French has joined the family business of Visique Peter Dick Optometrists. Katrina is the niece of Peter Stewart Dick and the granddaughter of Peter Leslie Dick and is the fifth generation of the family to join the family business as an Optometrist since 1915. In fact she is the sixth generation in a family business that started as Jewellers in 1889. Aside from not being called Peter, Katrina is the first woman in the family to graduate as an Optometrist and join the family business. Six generations of a family business is rare anywhere in the world.

Here is a brief history

Peter Dick opened Peter Dick Jewellers in 1889 in Moray Place Dunedin. 130 years ago.

Peter George Dick, his son, qualified as an Optician in London in 1915 and opened up a new optical business combined with the jewellery business on Moray Place, Dunedin NZ.

In 1930 his son, Peter Norman Dick, took over the practice once he qualified. He built up the optometry side of the business.

In 1962, his son Peter Leslie Dick joined him and together they expanded the optometry practice and eventually sold the jewellery business to the Daniels. Both Peter N and Peter L visited many parts of Otago on a regular basis. Peter Norman retired in 1979 and died in 1994. Peter Leslie works in the Dunedin and Mosgiel branches and regularly visits Cromwell and Ranfurly.

In 1992, Peter Stewart Dick joined his father and they opened the Oamaru practice in combination with the Dunedin and Mosgiel branches. The Oamaru practice was sold to Optometrist Dave Roberts in 2007 and is now known as Visique Oamaru Eye Care.

In 2001, The business joined Visique as a founding member. Visique is now one of the largest independently owned Optometry groups in New Zealand.

In 2013 The Otago Daily Times publishes a Summertimes feature about the Peter Dick history. ODT article

In April 2014 Peter Leslie Dick retires. Peter Stewart starts regularly visiting Cromwell and Ranfurly. Optometrist Mike Hopley starts work followed later in 2016 by Optometrist Hana Namik.

In 2015 100 years in business as Optometrists is celebrated with a party on the 27th of July. Otago Daily Times article. ODT article

In March 2019 Optometrist Katrina French joined Peter Stewart and the Visique Team. Katrina is Peter Stewart’s niece and Peter Leslie’s granddaughter. She is the fifth generation to join the family business as an Optometrist and the sixth generation in a family business that started as Jewellers in 1889.

Summary of the family business generations:

1889 Peter Dick Jeweller

1915 Peter George Dick Optometrist

1930 Peter Norman Dick Optometrist

1962 Peter Leslie Dick Optometrist

1992 Peter Stewart Dick Optometrist

2019 Katrina French Optometrist

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For Over 100 years We have been synonymous with both Otago and Optometry

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