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Please read this before you buy Glasses…

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Please read this before you buy Glasses…




We’re pleased to announce that Visique Peter Dick Optometrists is the first independent practice in NZ to offer the AVA™ (Advanced Vision Accuracy) experience. A new eye exam, personalised measurements and the most accurate lenses available. Now installed in both our examination rooms in Dunedin.

With the introduction of a new innovative phoropter, the piece of equipment that measures your refractive error, we can now give you a prescription which is up to 25 times more accurate! This new breakthrough refraction technology with a liquid lens, makes your eye test quicker, more comfortable and more accurate.

Precise measurements lead to precise lenses. Eyesight and corrective lenses are measured in dioptres, a unit of power. For decades eyes have been measured to a quarter of a dioptre(D), you may have seen your lens prescription ends with .25D, .50D .75D or just .00D.

It’s like wearing a suit or dress that is your size category but it doesn’t quite fit to your exact measurements. Now we can make your lenses specifically to your exact prescription. No matter what your lens prescription; +2.21D, -5.32D or -11.11D, your new glasses can be made to 0.01 dioptres instead of being rounded up or down. Like a tailor-made suit, made to your exact measurements. The level of accuracy is dependent on the patients ability to detect small differences during the test.

See the world as it’s meant to be seen with no restrictions from your lenses. Every detail will be captured thanks to AVA™ technology, available with a range of Varilux® varifocals and Eyezen™ single vision lenses.

Ask us for more information on your next visit.

ESSILOR LENS TECHNOLOGY: giving you your best possible vision

Visique Peter Dick Optometrist's spectacle lenses are made by the biggest lens manufacturer in the world Essilor through their Auckland, Sydney and Thailand Laboratories. They are the world leaders in spectacle lens design and coating technology spending over NZ$300 Million annually on research. (200 million Euro)

The lens design and coating quality varies greatly between brands available in New Zealand. "Best" lenses elsewhere may not give you your best possible vision. They can scratch and smudge easily and water and dust can adhere to their surface, who wants that? That is why they recommend and prescribe the Essilor lenses.

The UV protection on the back surface of the lenses is unique to Essilor. This stops the 40% of the UV that reflects off the back surface onto the eye. This is why the New Zealand Cancer Society recommends the Crizal UV coating.

Progressive lenses allows people over 45 years old who have Presbyopia to see in the distance, intermediate and near. 

In our Dunedin rooms we have the Visioffice 2 tower. This allows us to prescribe the Varilux XR Series Pro progressive and in our Mosgiel rooms and on Central Otago visits we can prescribe the Varilux XR Series Tracfit progressive. The very best in progressive technology released in July 2023. (Please see the video) 

We have a Good, Better and Best Varilux Progressive in different price brackets to suit your budget. We can demonstrate the vision difference from the wearers point of view on our IPad.

Click here to find out why Varilux is the No 1 Progressive lens brand


For people in their 20s, 30s and 40s there are Eyezen lenses. Designed to help your eyes cope better with digital devices providing more relaxing comfortable vision than single vision lenses.

Introducing Smart Blue Filter. This is a new material with the latest Crizal UV anti-reflection coating. It has the added health benefit of blocking selected blue light implicated with the aging of the eyes. It absorbs the blue light instead of reflecting it giving a clear looking lens. It also colour balances so there is no yellowing of the vision as in previous versions. Recommended for people with a macular degeneration family history, smokers, on certain medication, poor diet or in sunlight regularly .Click here for information on the dangers of blue light

Transition 8 is a coating that darkens in the sun to protect you from glare and clears indoors. This can also be included in your glasses.

If you have a high prescription you can have thinner and lighter lens materials. They are denser to be significantly thinner and lighter and look better. Children can have the thinner and lighter  Airwear lenses with a blue blocking coating, giving superior lens strength plus blue light protection.

We will recommend the best Optical Solutions for you from all these options and let you


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