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2nd Pair Offers

Sun 2 Max Offer. Second pair of Prescription Sunglasses (including progressive if needed) from


This includes a fashion Sunglass frame from the selected range and non-polarised sunglass lenses. On specially worked lenses it also includes the Crizal Sun coating of the back surface. This gives an SPF of 50, the highest protection available. Xperio Polarised lenses are $80 extra. 

The Prescription Sunglasses are in a stylish design including a good design progressive if needed so you can see well both in the distance and at near while protecting your eyes from UV and glare. 

The first pair must be a complete pair of glasses and the second Prescription Sunglass pair is in the same lens type and can be purchased within 90 days of buying the first pair.


Digitime Computer glasses or Safety Glasses (including a good design Progressive if needed) from


(Includes a frame from selected ranges of frames. Conditions Apply)


Double Up. 2nd pair of Progressive lenses in the same technology and coatings as the 1st pair.


(Lenses exactly the same as the 1st pair. If the 1st pair includes the Transition 7 coating then the 2nd pair can be as Xperio Sunglass. Frame extra or if using an existing frame a fitting fee will apply. Conditions apply)



Essilor lenses give you your best possible vision

Visique Peter Dick Optometrist's spectacle lenses are made by the biggest lens manufacturer in the world Essilor through their Christchurch Laboratory. They are the world leaders in spectacle lens design and coating technology spending NZ$200 Million annually on research.

The lens design and coating quality varies greatly between brands available in New Zealand. "Best" lenses elsewhere may not give you your best possible vision. They can scratch and smudge easily and water and dust can adhere to their surface, who wants that? That is why they recommend and prescribe Essilor lenses. UV protection on the back surface of the lenses is unique to Essilor. This stops the 40% of the UV that reflects off the back surface onto the eye. 
Just released in May 2018 the new X Series progressive that gives clearer vision at arms length.Ask for a demonstration.

visio 2 small 2In our Dunedin rooms we now have the new Visioffice 2. This is the 2nd machine in the South Island and allows us to prescribe the Varilux X Series Exclusive progressive, the very latest in progressive technology.

For people in their 20s, 30s and 40s there are Eyezen lenses. Designed to help your eyes cope better with digital devices providing more relaxing comfortable vision than single vision lenses.

Introducing Crizal Prevencia. This is the latest Crizal anti-reflection coating with the added health benefit of blocking selected blue light implicated with the aging of the eyes. The Crizal Prevencia coating has been registered by Medsafe NZ. Recommended for people with a macular degeneration family history, smokers, on certain medication, poor diet or in sunlight regularly .Click here for information on the dangers of blue light

Children can have Airwear lenses with the Prevencia coating, giving superior lens strength plus dangerous blue light protection.

Choosing your new frame

There are hundreds of the latest fashion spectacle frames at Visique Peter Dick Optometrists.

The stock management system ensures only the latest and the most popular frames are on display in their Dunedin rooms.

William Morris, Guess, Chantelle, Adidas, Silhouette, Convertibles, Jaguar, Monoqool, Capri, Christian Dior, La Font, Davidoff, Helly Hansen, Shapiro, Thomson, Cat, Fendi, Paul & Jo, Dutz and Stepper Ide.

A great selection of these frames are also on display in Mosgiel and when visiting Cromwell and Ranfurly

Visique Frame Gallery

Prescription Sunglasses

Visique Peter Dick Optometrists can make you are pair of designer sunglasses that includes your prescription, progressive or single vision. Ideal for sport, driving or recreation.

Xperio polarised lens technology filters out glare from reflections off bright surfaces. Ideal for people around water or in bright environments.

Protection from UV and glare is very important, the Crizal Sun coating gives 360 degree protection. It stops UV reflection on the back surface giving a 50 SPF UV blocking rating. This is the highest SPF rating sunglass available.

Prescription sunglasses can now be taylormade to fit in with your lifestyle requirements.They can even be made as Progressive. The Visique team have a great selection of sunglasses on display all priced from $199 when sold without prescription. Brands include Adidas, Barkers, Cat, Esprit, Super Dry and the Elle range.


Right now, when you buy clear prescription glasses, you’ll save hundreds on an equally important pair of prescription sunglasses – now from just $299* including Bifocal and Progressive on many trendy frames. (See Special Offer above for details)

Visique Frame Gallery

The Complete Glasses Cost with Essilor lenses

Complete Single Vision glasses, including Crizal Sapphire coated lenses and frame, starts from $299. Complete Progressive glasses starts from $449 when fitted with Xion Progressive Lenses. The exact cost depends on the frame brand, your prescription, the technology built into the lenses, the lens material and the coatings, like Transitions, you decide upon. 

Add an second pair made as a prescription sunglass package from $299. (See Special Offer above for details)

The Visique team will give you the different price options and let you decide. You can be reassured you are getting the best eyewear available giving you your best possible vision. The popular Visique Care Package is also included in the price (see below). Because of this and the service from their friendly Visique team they also believe their eye care and eye wear offers the best value available.

Visit the Appointments page to make a time. Visique Peter Dick Optometrists have Eye Examination web only specials. Click on the On-line Shop link below.

Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Southern Cross Easy Pay, GE Money, QCard, Activa and Winz approved card.

To book an Appointment @ $59 Visit the On-Line Shop.

The Visique Care Package

When you purchase your new complete spectacles you will also receive the Visique Care Package at no extra charge. This is their own service plan to keep your spectacles clean and adjusted correctly over time and it is unique. We will call you back at regular intervals for a free clean and adjust, a new cleaning cloth and a free cleaning fluid refill.


The Guarantee

The Visique team will only be happy when you are happy. If you are not completely satisfied with your new spectacles, sunglasses or contact lenses within 30 days of buying them you can exchange to an equivalent value or they can refund you less the examination fee. They will also clean and adjust your spectacles at no charge for their lifetime.

The frames have 1 or 2 year manufacturers warranty depending on the brand and the Essilor lenses have a two year manufacturers warranty on the Crizal antireflection and the TD2 hard coating.